Free Web Hosts and Advertising 03-05-2013

The vast majority of hosting companies offering free hosting services will in return impose advertising on the sites created within their hosting environment. The reason for this is simple and understandable - these companies do, after all, somehow have to pay for the space and services they provide.

How these adverts will be imposed onto a site varies between providers. Some will place pop-up windows - which will invariably pop up every time a page on the site in question is loaded - and others will insist on placing banners. Others still may 'grace' a site with an advertising frame.

Which of these forms of advertising is preferable is really up to personal preferences - some people simply hate pop-ups, while others disagree with having to cram banner code onto the pages of their site. Advertising frames - which may actually pose problems when submitting a site to search engines - are disliked for this very reason by many Webmasters.

To ensure you are not lumbered with the form of advertising you hate the most (let's face it, they can all be somewhat annoying), it is best to check out which form is used and select a host using the type you are most comfortable with.

While researching this, you may well come across the odd host not insisting on advertising. This may be tempting, but should be approached with care - having no viable means of covering server costs, these hosts tend to disappear with alarming regularity.