Joomla 3.0 compatible Products 16-05-2013

A list of products now compatible with the new Joomla 3.0 platform was recently announced by corePHP. This list includes, among others:

jomCDN Plug-in
YouTube Module

Fav - This plug-in for Joomla allows users to integrate like/ dislike buttons for social media networks within their posts. Supporting JomSocial, Joomla, K2 and Zoo articles, this easy to customise (colours, icons and more) plug-in provides users with a consistent 'like' system across their site; offers highly customisable rankings and reports on activity streams (JomSocial). The included icon set - Font Awesome - allows buttons to be customised, too.

jomCDN Plug-in - This plug-in - a content delivery (or distribution) network system of worldwide computers containing data copies - allows users to maximise their bandwidths/ load speed to provide clients all over the world with instant access to the owner's Joomla site. Instead of accessing data directly from the site owner's server, clients access copies on Amazon servers (to which all of the site's assets - CSS files, documents, images, Java script files, music, video and so on - are automatically synchronised/ linked) close to them, thereby preventing 'bottle-necking' and improving load times.

jomDefender - Affordable and easy to install and configure, jomDefender adds an extra security layer to Joomla sites. By patching commonly found vulnerabilities and adding additional protective layers to sites, jomDefender keeps sites safer from attacks by hackers. Features include a secondary admin log-in screen; front/ back end IP blocking/ ban and more. A bonus feature also allows users to optimise their page load times by determining the optimal configuration for their site.

WordPress - This popular blogging platform has been integrated with the Joomla CMS to create an incredibly powerful blogging component. Offering all of the professional blogging tools provided by WordPress - as well as a few surprises added by corePHP, this integration permits users to harness all the power of WordPress without having to leave Joomla at any point.

YouTube Module - This module allows users to easily and quickly post YouTube videos - from a variety of play lists, channels and/ or authors - in varying colours and/ or sizes anywhere on their Joomla site without the necessity to edit HTML codes.

Working hard on ensuring all their products are usable on the latest platform, corePHP expect to add more products to this line-up within the not-too-distant future.