Responsive Design and Sketch Sheets 10-05-2013

The popularity and constant evolution of mobile devices make responsive Web design essential. Unlike design for static/ fixed sites, the flexibility and fluidity responsive sites can occasionally make the processes of design somewhat tricky, to the point where it seems almost impossible to successfully convey specific visual design ideas.

Help is, however, art hand - in the shape of sketch sheets created specifically for the design of responsive Websites. Here are some of them.

Sneakpeekit - Serving as a one-stop solution to all sketch sheet needs a font creator, logo or Website designer may have, Sneakpeekit offers multiple mobile mock-ups designed to assist with responsive Website design, as well as providing grids adhering to Semantic Grid Systems, LESS Framework 4, Bootstrap and similar popular frameworks/ grid systems.

Available free for download, all sketch sheets are ready to print. Users wishing to convert grids into relevant graphic mock-ups can also get hold of the necessary PSD templates.

Jeremy Palford's Responsive Design Sketch Sheets - Based on work by Denise Jacobs, this collection - which is also available fro free download - includes support for a variety of device sizes.

Interface Sketch - This also free set of PDF format sketch templates is also printable and supports varying sizes, including desktop and iPad; Android, Mobile Windows and iPhone; Nexus 7 and 10 and a slection of other generic phones.

James Brocklehurst's Responsive Design Sketch Sheets - Free to download, this collection comes with PDS templates and two sets of sketch sheets. One set consists of thumbnail versions, while the second set consists of more detailed wireframe templates complete with grids.

ZURB Responsive Sketch Sheets - Including both regular and responsive sheets, this equally free set assists users in designing for both desktop and mobile devices,as well as off-canvas content. It is, by the way, possible to download responsive sheets only if required.

It is possible to purchase varying responsive sketch pads and books, including the Responsive Sketch Pad (currently available at $13.95/ $9.15) or the 50-page 'Design Sketch Book', for instance. To be perfectly honest, however, they offer little more than the above free options - or even the simplest solution of them all - an old-fashioned pencil and an A4 sheet of paper (which, when folded in half, provides two perfect canvasses on which to sketch tablet sized landscape/ portrait views and - when folded another three times - even gets to the perfect size for trying designs for smart phone screens).