Web Hosting on the Go! 23-09-2013

Companies that are typically not an internet service provider may use a computer as a website host providing details of their service, goods and facilities for online orders. However, there are also companies that provide internet services and web hosting. There are lots of kinds of web hosting service around. These will be discussed in detail below.

Free web hosting service
This kind of service is usually being offered by different companies with limited capabilities in providing services. Supported by advertisements, free web hosting is often limited compared to hosting that is paid.

Shared web hosting service
Ranging from a few to thousands, a website typically is placed on the same server along with other sites. Usually, all domains could share a same set of server resources, such as random access memory (RAM) and the more popular central processing unit (CPU). However, limited as it may seem, features accessible with this kind of service can be quite basic and is not flexible enough in terms of updates and software. Resellers who are often engaged in this business often vend shared web hosting and web corporations often have reseller accounts providing the necessary hosting for clients.

Reseller web hosting
This kind of web hosting service allows clients to experience becoming web host themselves. Under any combination of these listed types of hosting, resellers could act and function, for domains as an individual depending on their current affiliations with others as a reseller. Accounts of resellers may sometimes vary greatly in size; in some cases, those accounts may have their own virtual dedicated server connected to a "collocated" server. Many of those resellers provide roughly the same set of service to their internet service provider's shared hosting plan and may provide for technical support themselves.

Virtual Dedicated Server
This kind of server, divides server resources into several sets of virtual servers, where resources could be allocated in a way that indirectly reflect the underlying hardware .This server is also known as a Virtual Private Server. These servers will frequently be allocated resources that are basically based on one to many server VPSs relationship. However, the process of virtualisation might be done for several good numbers of reasons, including the capability to move a virtual dedicated server container between those servers. Users of the said server might have a root access to their very own space that is virtually created.