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Web Hosting on the Go!


Companies that are typically not an internet service provider may use a computer as a website host providing details of their service, goods and facilities for online orders. However, there are also c...

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Flat Design is Making a Comeback


Essentially a minimalist approach to smooth visual design, flat design is a style that avoids graphic elements of no noteworthy value to a template's structure. Basically, all forms of decorative abst...

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Joomla 3.0 compatible Products


A list of products now compatible with the new Joomla 3.0 platform was recently announced by corePHP. This list includes, among others: Fav jomCDN Plug-in jomDefender WordPress YouTube Module ...

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Simple Blogging Rules for effective Internet Marketing


Using blogs as marketing tools to promote services/ products is now more or less a must for e-commerce businesses. To be effective in its role as a marketing tool, a blog must invariably stand out fro...

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Responsive Design and Sketch Sheets


The popularity and constant evolution of mobile devices make responsive Web design essential. Unlike design for static/ fixed sites, the flexibility and fluidity responsive sites can occasionally make...

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Handy Data Visualisation Tools


Providing visitors to your Website with easy to access/ read data invariably requires the use of visualisation tools - whether you choose to create a simple chart, an infographic or a complex map. Her...

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Draft, a Tool designed to assist Writers


There are times when writers require an editor, collaborators or at least a good environment to work in. They may just be looking for feedback on their writing; require a bigger audience or simply wan...

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Free Web Hosts and Advertising


The vast majority of hosting companies offering free hosting services will in return impose advertising on the sites created within their hosting environment. The reason for this is simple and underst...

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Increasing Newsletter Effectiveness


Well considered, regularly sent newsletters give consumers something to share/ pass on; keep businesses and customers in touch for potential future purchases and increase the opportunity for immediate...

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Comparing Shopping Carts - Magento vs. PrestaShop


As far as popularity is concerned, the gap between two of the most commonly used shopping carts currently available - Magento and PrestaShop - is continually decreasing. But which one of them is the m...

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