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Register Your Domain Names And Get World Class Hosting Too!

Registering your domain names with 123-Reg.Co. US couldn't be easier! This registration/hosting company has a wide range of services that's a perfect fit for any up and coming online business. Over 3 million domain names have been registered by this registrar/hosting company, and there's more too! They serve over 1.4 million websites, which represents quite a track record of online hosting success. 123-Reg.Co. US is the largest privately owned hosting company in Europe.

.Co. US Domain Name Registration: Only $3.49 per year

.Com Domain Name Registration: Only $10.99 per year

123-Reg.Co. US Is The Perfect Solution For Beginners And Experienced Professionals Alike!

Whether you're new to online website hosting and simply need a professional hosting provider to further your online business, or you're a web savvy experienced pro that wants to take your business to the next level, 123-Reg.Co. US is right here for you. Whatever your skill level is, it's easy to make things happen with this hosting company. Many people just like you have got a great deal on their hosting and domain name registration so that they can make the most of their online business and financials. The vast experience this company has can make sure that you not only survive online, but that you can grow and expand your business as well.

123-Reg.Co. US Uses an Eco Friendly Data Center Based In the US

A major concern in the world today is being ecologically friendly. That's why 123-Reg.Co. US uses state of that art data technology that not only delivers blazingly fast performance, but is friendly to the environment as well. It won't be very much longer and it will get to the point that most other hosting companies will adopt this ecologically friendly way of doing business as well. Do you worry that ecologically friendly means a reduction in overall hosting performance? This is simply not true, and as technology evolves, the industry has experienced an increase in ecologically friendly performance. At 123-Reg.Co.UK, we go eco all the way!

Award Winning Service That Can't Be Beat!

When it comes to being recognized as an official hosting provider that excels in all areas of hosting, the awards just keep coming in.

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Start Your Business Awards - Best Small Business Domain Registration 2011
Best Small Business Service Provider
Sunday Times Deloitte Buyout Track 100
Best Domain Registrar - HostReview
The Best 10 Web Hosting - 4th Global Pick
US Top Hosts - Best Overall Product Portfolio
And The List Keeps Going...

1.4 million Websites and counting have graced the halls of 123-Reg.Co.UK, and this company has already started expanding into other areas of online and offline business as well. You couldn't make a wiser decision than choosing this rock solid company for your website hosting. Let's take a closer look at the prices to give you a better idea of what 123-Reg.Co. US is actually offering:

Start Up Hosting Package: For only $3.49 per year, you get a complete starter package. This includes 1 free domain name, 1 gigabyte disk space, 10 sub domains, FTP access, and more. If you place your order for 2 or even 3 years, there's savings lined up for you in this way as well. In fact, by placing a hosting package order for 3 years, you save a whopping 17% off the standard rate!

Business Hosting Package: A step up from the Start Up Hosting Package, for $4.99 you get 2 free domains, 50 gigabytes disk space, 50 sub-domains, FTP access, 75 free applications, 5 databases, and more. And if you buy for 3 years, again you save an amazing 17%.

Professional Hosting Package: With this hosting package, you get 3 free domain names and hosting support for those domains, unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited mailboxes with a total of 1 gig of space, unlimited databases with 500 Megs of storage space, optional malware protection, optional SSL certificate, and regular website backups and restore functionality, IP address blocking, and more. And you get all this for $8.99 per month. It's a pretty incredible deal if you take into consideration most other hosting companies charge even as high as $49.99 for their hosting packages.

And to top it all off, you get 6 months of free hosting on multi-year contracts. 123-Reg.Co. US gives you support for multiple databases and you get phone support too, not only because people love to talk, but because knowing a certified professional is actually there to serve you can make or break a hosting deal. You can put your worries to bed with this company, as their support line always has their professional staff on call at all times.