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Many people may remember the web host Easyspace from many years ago. Easyspace was officially launched in 1997, and from these humble beginnings they've steadily grown in popularity to become one of the most respected and high functioning web hosting providers on the Internet. Thousands of people flock to Easyspace every year to purchase their hosting packages and other services too. You can purchase Easyspace hosting packages on a monthly, yearly, or multi-year basis. And, if you choose to purchase a hosting package for longer than a year, you get a substantial discount over the normal retail price.

For example, if you order for a hosting package for 2 years, the discount is 10%. 3 years, the discount goes up to 20%. For a 4 year hosting package, the discount is an amazing 25%. And best of all, if you choose Easyspace to host your site for the long haul, with their 5 year hosting package you receive a discount of 30%. So you see, it makes a lot of sense to trust Easyspace. Not only have they been around since 1997, which is enough time to become bulletproof to industry changes, but they've really learned a lot about what it means to be a professional hosting provider. Try them out and you'll see! You're not going to find anyone more qualified to take care of you as far as website hosting is concerned, and that's a fact.

Easyspace Custom Website Hosting Packages - Pick Only The Features You Want

With the Easyspace Pic N' Mix hosting options, you get to combine only the features you really need in order to save the most money on hosting costs. Hosting packages come standard with the following features:

Choose From 3GB-50GB Of Scalable Data Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth Free With Every Account
Scalable FTP Accounts
100% Uptime Guarantee
7 Day Money Back Guarantee
Your Choice Of Operating System
Free Service Setup
Control Panel Access
1 Free Domain Name With Any Hosting Purchase
Unlimited Subdomains
Virus Protection
Shared SSL (Optional)
Dedicated SSL (Optional)
Dedicated IP (Optional)
Free And Included Load Balancing
Telephone Support
And Much More...

Check out the following page to see what you've been missing with other web hosting providers.


The list of features on Easyspace accounts is more extensive than most companies out there. Easyspace has learned through firsthand experience what it takes to be a good hosting company and the features that people request the most. It's this business know-how that keeps them ahead of the competition. Check the above link for yourself and compare the different hosting packages. You'll see the Easyspace has the widest array of features to choose from out of any hosting provider on the net. Period.

Dedicated Servers:

If dedicated servers are your thing, then be sure to check out the Easyspace dedicated server solution page (link below).


Dedicated servers offer a higher level of customization and overall performance. For business owners that demand an unbeatable professional edge, you can't do better than a dedicated server hardware solution. Virtual Private Servers and shared hosting just can't compare to the speed and efficacy of dedicated servers. With Easyspace, there are 4 different dedicated server packages available for purchase.

Starter Range:

With the starter dedicated server hosting package, you get a 2.2 GHz Dual Core processor, 2 GB RAM (expandable to 8 gigabytes), your choice of Hard Disk Drive or Solid State Drive disk storage, your choice of Windows 2008 or Linux Operating System, unlimited bandwidth, 100% uptime guarantee, Plesk or Cpanel, and the following optional add-ons:

Dedicated 1 GB Port
SMS Monitoring Alerts
Managed Backups
OS Patching
SSL Available Upon Request

Get more information on the Easyspace dedicated server starter package at:


Business Range:

With the business range of dedicated servers, you get a Quad Core Xeon processor in your choice of 3.3 or 3.5 GHz, your choice of E3 1230 or E3 1275, up to 32 GB ECC RAM, your choice of Hard Disk Drive or Solid State Drive storage ability, unlimited bandwidth, and more. The optional features are as follows:

On and Off Site Backups
Managed Backups
SMS Monitoring Alerts
OS Patching

You can find out more about the business range of dedicated servers at


Professional Range:

With the professional package, you get more of everything that makes dedicated servers such an attractive option. You get a HexCore Xeon 2.3 GHz processor, your choice of Hard Disk Drive or Solid State Drive file storage, unlimited bandwidth, your choice of IP addresses, scalable RAM options of up to 128 GB, and more. Other optional features include:

Permanent KVM
Antivirus Service
On and Off Site Backups
SMS Monitoring Alerts
And more!

Get more information at the following address:


Budget Server Options:

Easyspace also has a budget dedicated server option package for people that still want the legendary Easyspace performance while saving money at the same time.

Check out the features you can get on the cheap at: http://www.easyspace.com/dedicated-servers/packages/budget

Custom Server Packages:

You can get your own dedicated servers customized to your individual business requirements simply by contacting Easyspace. They've made it their job to be there for you, take down your details, and fulfill your requests to the fullest. At Easyspace, they know that dedicated server requirements are no joking matter. That's why they've gone to great lengths to ensure you stay and remain a satisfied Easyspace customer through thick and thin.

And not only do you get world class dedicated hosting, but Easyspace own all their dedicated servers and house them in their own private and strategically placed data centers. Their mission to bring you world class dedicated server hosting has been and always will be the Easyspace focus.

All This and More!

Check out the Easyspace website for more information on their Cloud Hosting options and Virtual Server options as well. When it comes to the health and wellness of your online business, you can't do better than Easyspace.

For more information, check out the Easyspace website at: http://www.easyspace.com