HostPresto! Reviews

HostPresto! have been providing hosting services since 2001, the customer service team is top notch, and they've always been very insightful and helpful when it comes to solving my problems and answering my questions. They have a really talented and knowledgeable support staff.

Over a long testing period HostPresto! scored top marks in all categories, their server uptime and speed was unparalleled, as well as the feature set and support. Here are some of the highlights:

Site Builder:

The online site builder to build some pretty amazing looking websites. It's simple, easy to use, and the pages turn out very professional looking. It's hard to believe that I accomplished creating a huge network of pages without knowing any HTML coding at all! If I can do it, you can do it, and with this easy Site Builder. The Drag and Drop functionality allows anyone with basic Internet skills to create professional looking pages. That's one of the things that I like most about the Internet these days. It's easy to teach people how to create great websites and showcase all the wonderful things they know to improve life and help solve problems for other people and, all this without having to sacrifice your personal life. Ahhhhh, God bless the Internet!

Free Daily Backups:

I learned firsthand how important it is to have daily backups done on the content I produce at my website. There was a major storm in my area in Toronto, and somehow I incurred some electrical damage to my equipment. The first thing I checked was my hard drive, and I was really freaking out because I found out the hard drive was actually damaged. I wasn't using circuit breakers and the house I live in is old, so that combination caused some kind of damage to the drive. Luckily, I was able to get back online and still have all my content saved at HostPresto!, and it's all thanks to their daily backups they do. So you see, hosting features can be more important than you think they are, when you really need them, that is.

Money Back Guarantee

If you're unhappy with the HostPresto! website hosting service within 30 days of your initial purchase, you can get a full refund by contacting customer support. I've never run into any trouble using this website hosting service, but as individual circumstances and hosting requirements vary according to individual customers, you may find that HostPresto! isn't the hosting service you need. If you find this is the case, you can use their 30 day money back guarantee and get back every cent you paid for your hosting package.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

While it may seem like most hosting companies offer this feature, HostPresto! is actually a company that meets their mark when it comes to their uptime guarantee. Personally, as a valued customer, I've never experienced any sort of downtime that affected my profit margin in any way. And in all actuality, I can say that this company meets and exceeds my uptime standards I've set for my online business.

3 Different Hosting Packages To Choose From

Bronze: This is the starter package that I recommend for people who want to try out the HostPresto! service. It's only $19.99 per year and you get a lot for it. Plenty of breathing room to really test the service out, including all the features and perks, and see if HostPresto! is right for you. You're allowed to host 2 domains and you get unlimited traffic bandwidth. You also get the Site Builder, a free app store, CPanel control panel, cloud hosting features, unlimited mailboxes, 24/7 customer support, 99.9% uptime guarantee, and more.

Silver: This is the midline package that costs $49.99 per month. You get 5 gigabytes of disk space, unlimited mailboxes, unlimited bandwidth, allowance for 6 domains, and all the other features too. This is good for businesses that don't need a lot of domain support, but might need access to a large amount of bandwidth.

Gold: This is where the HostPresto! deal looks really sweet. This best cheap vps hosting package is ideal for businesses that need support for unlimited domains. It costs $99.99 per month, but all in all most people have agreed that it's worth the cost. You get the full span of what HostPresto! is capable of. You get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited mailboxes, 15 GB of disk space, free set up, their money back guarantee, and all the great features we've outlined that make HostPresto! so special.

3 Hosting Plans

SEO HOSTING: Most unique products are SEO HOSTING plans offer by hostingpresto. This hosting plans will give you access to C-Class IP hosting that you can't get from regular hosting. With our intuitive hosting control panel platform, you will have able to select what c-class ip from your ip pool inside your control panel. We strictly prohibited our use to signup this plans to use for adult/gambling/medical sites. Reason behind this to preserve the quality of our IP for those who need it for seo purposes.

CHEAP VPS HOSTING: One of the unique hosting plans is offer by HostPrestor is VPS Hosting Plans. It come with Instant Activation and Auto Update for all the scripts + SSD Drive. With this 3 combine, it will provide the next level of cheap vps hosting to all our customers.therefore the price you are paying is much cheaper than any other competitors. We are using latest blade servers to give maximum performance on all our cloud hosting

CHEAP DEDICATED SERVER: HostPresto offfers cheap dedicated server with unlimited bandwidth and Malware protection. Our proactive security monitoring alert will help to continuously scanning your files for any malicious script that may effected your site