Knet Hosting Reviews

Let me just start by saying that Knet Hosting has been crucial to my survival as an online business manager. Not only do they give me everything I need to survive and thrive online, but they also employ some of the US's most talented hosting experts. It all started for me back in 2003, when I first decided to take my software business into full swing. I've always had a job as a software engineer, but it was when I officially realized that there was more money in going into business for myself that things started to take off for me.

Am I thankful? Yes! Completely satisfied? Not exactly, but I strive to improve my results every day, and if it wasn't for Knet Hosting and how easy it was to get my software in front of everyone, then I probably would have gone with a bargain bin host and been mortified by the results. And believe me; I almost made the mistake of paying bargain prices just to improve my profit margin. That would have been a huge mistake and I want you all to realize just how important it is to have a good host. The hosting I choose is the backbone of my business, and it wouldn't make sense to take a risk with a no-name company.

It makes sense to do business with Knet Hosting, and I can say without question that I'm a 100% satisfied customer.

Web Hosting:

With 4 different hosting packages to choose from, you can choose the package that fits your needs perfectly. Personally, I bought the Basic package. I don't need support for very many domains, although I do have many, many different HTML pages displaying my software creations. But these pages I've created don't require separate domains, so the Basic package works out for me just fine. No doubt some of you would say I'm lucky to not need support for unlimited domains, and you're right. I own a dog, and he's enjoying multiple Denta-Bones with the money I've saved staying with the Basic package.

VPS Cloud Servers:

Virtual Private Servers hosted on a cloud is the latest technological innovation in the hosting world. If you choose to pay for this service annually, you'll get to enjoy two free months paid for by Knet Hosting. You can change the amount of features you need and custom tailor your package to fit your growing needs. And, if you're unsure as to what you may need in a Cloud VPS, you can always contact customer support for help.

Engineers will monitor your VPS 24/7 and ensure that the server remains fully functional. You can expect maximum uptime with this new Cloud VPS server technology.

Monthly or Annual Billing:

Billing cycles can be paid for on a monthly or annual basis. Of course, I pay annually to save the most money. I already know through personal experience that Knet Hosting is a fantastic company to do business with. I've not had a single problem the entire time I've been hosting my two domains with them. I'm pretty sure you'll have the same shining experience with them as I've had. This company also has some glowing testimonials that you should check out across the Internet too.

Money Back Guarantee:

Like any upstanding business that's worth it, Knet Hosting offers an unconditional money back guarantee if you're unhappy with their services. If within 30 days you decide to cancel, you get all your money back without any muss or fuss.

SEO Tools:

One problem that a lot of people have with their online businesses these days is getting their site seen by the search engines and achieving a good ranking. With Knet Hosting, you get SEO tools that will help you get a good ranking and get all that great organic traffic that people are always raving so much about. I've experienced a slight increase in my own traffic by using their onboard SEO tools, and I think you'll have some pretty great results with it too.

US Located Servers:

All the servers from Knet Hosting are located in the US and connected to a multi-gigabit backbone. Also, the office and staff of Knet Hosting is located in the US too. There will be no culture shock if you do business with this company. I actually had to call them once and the employee on the phone not only answered my questions, but he had the characteristic accent of someone based in the US. I felt comfortable and happy talking with him and he resolved my issues quickly.

No Hidden Fees:

There are never any hidden fees when it comes to Knet Hosting. All you pay is what's stated on the page in big, bold letters. It's easy to understand how this company has gone from just starting out to being a serious player in the area of website hosting. A friend recommended this host to me to begin with, and boy am I glad that I'm a customer. I have nothing but shining experiences to report, and I think you'll agree that pricing is fair for everyone.

Easy Site Builder:

Knet Hosting also has a really great Site Builder that makes it easy to create and maintain your network of pages. Even a beginner can create nice looking HTML documents that can motivate customers to make purchases.

24/7 Customer Support:

The customer support that comes with your Knet Hosting package is really the best in the business. You can get all your questions answered by a certified and knowledgeable support staff that's made it their business to support you and get your issues resolved in a timely fashion.

Reseller Program:

This is another part of Knet Hosting that I'm a member of. I am a subscriber to their reseller program and have made a few thousand by hosting other people's domains. Knet Hosting really is that good! And the best part is I've recouped the cost they charge to be a member of their program many times over. If you have a knack for this sort of thing, it would be a great idea to be a reseller for this upstanding and high quality hosting company. If I can make money with them, so can you, I guarantee it!